Speedplay/WAHOO (clipless)

Speedplay/WAHOO (clipless)

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  • The race-ready SPEEDPLAY ZERO offers peak power transfer with exceptional durability.

    Engineered for Every Effort
    Built to take on anything, the SPEEDPLAY ZERO road pedal is uniquely qualified to withstand the demands of everything from all-out racing to the epic grind of a double-century.

    The stainless steel pedal and integrated cleat system offer peak power transfer and exceptional durability. The customized fit and dual-sided entry will allow you to crank on the pedals in confidence and comfort.
    Product details
    Transfers power more efficiently by removing material between the foot and the spindle to reduce system stack height and reward every effort
    Dual-sided entry and innovative locking mechanism create the most secure and stable platform available
    The only pedal system that allows independent fore-aft, left-right, and float adjustability to optimize fit and enhance performance
    Unique cleat design delivers comfortable and stable walkability
    Pedal Float: Adjustable from 0° to 15°

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  • Speedplay Zero NON Walkable cleat

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