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TREK and ELECTRA  pedal assist E-Bikes are equipped with the BOSCH Drive System.  Bosch systems have a 2 year warranty and are supported in the US by Bosch and the Trek dealer network. ELECTRA 7D GO! and (new) CRUISER GO! uses the Taiwan HYDRIVE HYENA system which is supported for 2 years in the USA by Trek Bicycle and the Trek dealer network.  HARO SKWAD includes a 1 year warranty thru HARO BICYCLE.

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OC- 73rd st Ocean City 410-524-1313

OP -11022 Nicholas Ln Ocean Pines 410-208-1313

Trek and Call2Recycle will join an industry-wide recycling partnership to responsibly remove unusable e-bike batteries in the United States. Included in this partnership are the materials and training necessary for shops across the country to become certified e-bike battery recycling centers, playing a pivotal role in keeping batteries out of landfills. E-bike batteries and their materials recycled through Call2Recycle are removed from waste streams and used to manufacture new products- such as steel and new batteries- in a safer and more sustainable way.

$15 Prepaid Battery Recycling Fee also needs to be purchased at checkout as TREK/ELECTRA goes GREEN.

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Items: 116 of 21, per page
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